Wednesday, May 11, 2011

anish kapoor: monumenta 2011 - leviathan

'leviathan' by anish kapoor
grand palais, paris
may 11 to june 23rd, 2011

each year the french ministry of culture and communication invites a leading artist to create a work that responds to the exceptional
architectural space of the grand palais in paris. the sheer monumental scale of the building provided the inspiration for a big idea: monumenta.
this year, indian-born, british-based artist anish kapoor created a temporary, site-specific installation inside the nave of the glass-domed hall.
the space was originally unveiled at the 1900 universal exhibition.
for its fourth edition, after guest artists anselm kiefer, richard serra and christian boltanski, it has been the turn of anish kapoor to meet the
challenge with a brand new work for the 13,500 m2 space.

'it has been a slow process.
it seems to me that I've been working on it since almost 20 years.
now it is here. we did it.'
says anish kapoor in an interview with designboom.
'the sculpture is a total immersion in an unexplored physical and mental dimension. once you are inside,
in the giant 4-armed balloon, the involuted form reminds you of an organic outer space and inner self at
the same time -- but when you travel outside of it (once you are back in the space of the grand palais),
I hope the viewer has another encounter with the piece and with the luminosity thrown down by the glass roof.'

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